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This is a 3D plane you can take anywhere indoor or outdoor to fly! OK, it's a bit exaggerated. Please be sensible as to where you should fly. Always put safety first. What we are talking about here is to get your 3D addiction fixed when you have little time, space, and/or money. It's made of 8mm EPP and thus has superb durability.
Product name:
Skywing 32-in EPP Profile Slick (Blue)

Supplied by:
Feda Models

Availability: 4

Shipping Weight: 480 grams

Price: $29.86

- Wingspan 800mm (31.5 inch)
- Length 960mm (37.8 inch)
- Flying Weight 195g (6.9 oz) with a 2S 400 mAh Pack
- Propeller GWS 8043

The kit includes quality hardware and is complete with a carbn fiber landing gear, four servo arm extensions, a pair of wheel pants and a spinner.

Shipping Information:
  • The product exceeds one or more limits of HK Small Parcel  and thus cannot use the service;
  • The shipping cost for using China Large Parcel  service to the USA  is about $26.06;
  • The shipping cost for using HK Large Parcel  service to the USA  is about $16.29;
  • The shipping cost for using China EMS  service to the USA  is about $21.95.
When logged in, you can view the cost of shipping this product to your country. The shipping cost per weight unit may be lower when this product is shipped with other products.

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Edward S.

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Wayne M.

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Scott W.

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